Spørgmål og svar

Can I wash the products in the dishwasher?
Yes you can. When you do please treat with care, like you treat your fine wineglasses. All our products  have a food safe and durable glaze.

How do I treat the wooden parts?
You clean the wooden parts, with a wet cloth and afterwards you dry the parts in room temperature. The wooden parts are waterproof in daily use. After cleaning, you treat them with a bit of vegetable oil to keep them smooth and beautiful.

Avoid the wooden parts getting soaked in water.

Which wood is it?
The wood is american oak.

What about the ceramics?
The ceramic we use is called faience. Products are fired at 1050°C, which is a bit lower than porcelain. This gives the ceramic a softer feeling and makes the colorful decorations look brighter.

Where are the ceramics produced?
All the ceramics are produced in Portugal, because they have a long tradition working with faience.